Watts up?

About Watts up?

Our mission - reduce consumption

Less is often more, and we're all about helping individuals and companies reduce their electricity usage. It saves money, reduces pollution, and is better for the environment and one's peace of mind. It's the right thing to do. Can we help you?


Initially test marketed in 1992, Electronic Educational Devices was incorporated in Denver, Colorado in April of 1997. Watts up? was first introduced to the education market, however, it wasn't long before several utility and energy services companies began to take notice. Hundreds of utility companies across the country now utilize Watts up?. As word spread, commerial industry became a target market for EED in addition to Education. After nearly ten years since it's inception, EED in addition now manufactures the Smart Circuit line of electricity controllers that actively reduce electricity consumption. Watts up? and Smart Circuits are now sold throughout the commercial, residential, and eduactional markets.

Proudly manufactured in the USA and now distributed by resellers throughout the US and in many other countries, Watts up? and Smart Circuits are truly the Cadillac of their space with tens of thousands of happy customers.


In February of 2012, Electronic Education Devices was purchased by ThinkTank Energy Products Inc., and is now a Vermont owned corporation. It our goal at ThinkTank, to continue to build off of the great foundation establish by Electronic Educational Devises, and continue to provide feature rich products to our customer base. As the energy market continues it rapid growth, and the pressure for energy alternatives continues, ThinkTank will also expand and continue to delivery energy related tools and solutions to help customers understand and reduce their energy consumption.


Watts up?