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Models with datalogging (Pro, ES, .Net, SC20) have accompanying software that runs on PC's (Mac users are encouraged to use the new .Net model, since the user interface is browser based). All dataloggers are capable of downloading stored data to a PC as a batch operation via a USB connection. Software for this is provided free of charge (second item listed below).
In addition, the dataloggers are also capable of logging in real time. This is optional software, and it must be purchased. Users may write their own software to communicate directly with the meters. The communication protocols are available in the SUPPORT section. Although we do not provide direct support for custom development, we suggest users check the USER FORUM for development hints. Our software can also be helpful with debug, as it is possible to view all communication between the PC and meter. This can be utilized to debug custom applications. Lastly, a Linux utility which was written by a customer, is available in the SUPPORT section.

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Real Time Logging is for applications when the Smart Circuit 20 or meter is connected to a PC. Data is updated on the PC as fast as once per second, and posted to either a table or graph. Log files can be automatically saved based on any interval (i.e. once per hour). Graphing options include strip chart and averaging. Alarms and Alerts: Alarms can be established based on the data crossing a user configured low or high values for any single or multiple parameter (multiple parameters are "or'ed). For instance, an alarm can be created if the meter reports watts going above 100 or the volts falling below 105. An alarm can be visual and/or audible. It can also be set to send an email notification.

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This software is to download data from the Smart Circuit20, or one of the meters (PRO, PRO ES and .Net) meters manufactured in 2007 or later. The software automatically graphs all the data and includes an integrated analysis tool, called the Payback Calculator, which automatically calculates the time required for a new energy efficient appliance to pay for itself. Monthly savings are calculated, and they are compared to the purchase price of the new appliance. The data and graphs can also be exported to popular spreadsheet and word processor programs for further analysis. Note how the graph below identifies the defrost cycle on a refrigerator. Any of the 19 parameters can be recorded. The interval can be selected from as fast as one second. There are 3 memory modes: Automatic: the meter will log forever. The interval starts at one second. When the memory fills, every other record is deleted and the interval doubles. When the memory fills again, every other record is again deleted and the interval doubles. For example, the interval would be 1 second, then 2 seconds, then 4, then 8, then 16, etc). Stop: the meter stops logging when the memory is full Overwrite: the meter will log forever, an overwrite the data in memory in a first in, first out mode.

June 20, 2008: this version should automatically install the driver during the program installation.
August 14, 2008: IP settings for .Net are permanently saved.

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