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Keeping things fresh! – The days of CFL programs are quickly fading! What is your next program to help customers with their electrical consumption? ThinkTank Energy Product, the makers of the Watts Up? Meters – has been working with Utilities, Community Action Groups, Non-Profits, Public Service Boards , and electric customers for 20 years. We know the importance of delivering solid, effective, energy programs to your community. As a result, below we are sharing some of the more popular programs.

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Library Programs
Education Programs
Bill Stuffer Programs
Meter Give-Away Program


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In this program, we have team up with Utility providers to supply Watts Up? Meters to libraries across their service area. By providing a public access through local libraries, patrons can “check-out” a meter to conduct their own audit of households appliance. For decades, energy companies struggled with the age-old customer complaint – “How come my electric bill is so high this month?” With library and lending programs, Utilities can now provide a safe tool for the homeowner to conduct their own investigation. Lets set-up a library program in your service area!

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The best way to get communities involved and to maintain a good public standing with your customer base – is by helping out and supporting local school system. By involving and educating the youth on energy conversation, Utilities have the opportunity to make strong, positive impact to communities throughout your service area. We at ThinkTank have been working with Utilities and Non-Profit Energy Organizations to provide energy education in school system around the US. Utilizing our Energy Education Kits, teachers, and energy club coordinators are able to teach the fundamentals of energy and electricity to endless school kids. Work with us and set up your own Energy Education Programs in your state!

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Ok, so you have a SMART Grid now and SMART meters to your residential customer base. Your customers can now login to their accounts and see their energy consumption. You now have your customer attention by receiving new data about their personal energy consumption, setting up alerts through your website, and thinking of ways to save energy. What next? To allow a customer to take the next step, they now need to investigate deeper – to find where the energy in the house is being wasted. As a utility, you can now provide the tool for the next level of inquiries. Working with us, we can put a tailored bill stuffer program together. With minimal investment, your customer will receive the opportunity to buy our meters at a discounted rate or at rebate. Call us today, and we will get it done!

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Already have some solid Energy Seminars or Weatherization Classes? Nothing attracts participates to sign up for classes more than a free STUFF! What better way to help promote your energy programs and established curriculums by giving away a Watts Up? Meter to all the participants. We are ready to work with your program coordinators today!


Watts up?